How Many Passports May a Chinese Child Own?

This post is not written from an idealistic angle, but from a realistic angle. In other words, this situation should be possibly happened in the real world, rather than a fantastic imagination.

A PRC citizen immigrates to Canada and then becomes a naturalized Canadian citizen. Another PRC citizen immigrates to Australia and then becomes a naturalized Australian citizen. They get married and their child is born in the United States, which is very realistic. Therefore, the child is eligible to have these travel documents by birth:

1. U.S. passport: Jus soli

2. Canadian passport: Jus sanguinis

3. Australian passport: Jus sanguinis

4. New Zealand passport or New Zealand Permanent Residency: 继续阅读 »

One-China Creed

1. Whichever nation desires to have diplomatic relation with China should above all hold to the One-China creed.

2. Any nation which does not keep it whole and unbroken will doubtless lose diplomatic relation with China.

3. Now this is the One-China creed: That we acknowledge one China in quadrinity and the quadrinity in unity.

4. Neither blending their persons nor dividing their essence.

5. For the person of Mainland is a distinct person, the person of Hong Kong is another, the person of Macau is another, and that of Taiwan still another.

6. But the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan is in one China, their nationality equal.

7. What quality Mainland has, Hong Kong has, Macau has, and Taiwan has. 继续阅读 »