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July 17, 2016MTE

Synthesis Homework: Trusting in the Bible as God’s Word

Course: Integrated Skills
Teacher: Megan Reiley
Grade: 51/55

Both Piper and the Calvin passage talk about topic of the self-authenticating of the Scripture from a different perspective. Piper mainly addresses the topic by using the testimony of Christ. From a different perspective, Calvin mainly illustrates the topic based on the testimony of the Spirit. First, Piper says that the Scripture is self-authenticated because he found that all Pauline epistles bear witness to Christ, and Christ proofs his life and ministry based on the authority of the OT. Second, Piper presents that the Gospels vindicates a same Christ and Christ based his whole life on the OT. He believes that what did Moses say are inspired by the Spirit. Third, Piper presents that Christ himself testifies that all OT are a verse from Genesis is spoken by God, even though the verse does not explicitly says that it is the word of God. Fourth, Piper says that Christ believes that all of the OT will be fulfilled. Fifth, Piper indicates that the Scripture cannot be broken by using a sentence of Jesus Christ: “If you do not believe Moses, you do not believe me.” From another point of view, firstly, Calvin points out that the testimony of the Spirit is the highest vindication of the Scripture. In order to illustrate his opinion, Calvin says that the authors of the Bible does not base the Scripture upon human reasons. Second, from a different angle, Calvin thinks that all kinds of proofs are less excellent than the testimony of the Spirit and he gives the supporting detail—unless the Spirit dwells in men’s hearts, they would not accept God’s Word, but seek reasons as their proofs. Third, from a different perspective, Calvin goes on talking about the testimony of the Spirit has the power which gives us the certainty that the Scripture is not rely on reasons or proofs. To sum up, both Piper and the Calvin passage talk about the topic of the self-authenticating of the Scripture from a different angle.


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