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July 4, 2016MTE

Biblical Model of Change Synthesis

Course: Reading and Writing
Teacher: Megan Reiley
Grade: 55/55

Synthesis on the question, “How does Dr. Powlison’s story illustrate the model of biblical change?”

Both Dr. Powlison 1 and the reading passage “How People Change” 2 discuss the process of changing people’s heart in a biblical way. The first theme of the reading passage is “heat,” in which it points out that all of us may meet difficulties in our daily lives. Accordingly, Dr. Powlison presents his personal experience, in which he tells us that he had a heart injury. In addition, the second theme of the reading passage, “thorns,” says that people always show ungodly reactions when they confronting situations. In other words, people always focus on their secular needs. Similarly, Dr. Powlison points out that the injury would have caused a negative effect to his regular career. Furthermore, the third part of the reading passage “cross” looks at our daily situations from a biblical perspective, i.e., people should act according to the Scripture. Dr. Powlison explains that we should concentrate on God’s love. This directly corresponds with the reading passage. Finally, the reading passage ends with the theme of “fruit,” in which tells us the fruitful result of repenting of idolatry. Accordingly, Dr. Powlison makes the point that if we repent of our sins and seek God, we will be able to relax from those pressures, and our problem will be solved. To sum up, Dr. Powlison illustrates the idea that is presented in the reading passage, which tells us how to confront our hardships according to the Scripture.


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