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AP 101: Keller Discussion Response

Course: Introduction to Apologetics
Professor: Dr. William Edgar
Semester: 2016 Fall
Grade: Good

Keller Discussion Response I

        In part I, Tim Keller discusses some objections to the truth of Christianity, saying that the truth of Christianity is reasonable and existential. He says that Christian truth is reasonable because he thinks Christian argument and truth is overall strong, and that Christian truth is existential which because of this strong experience of God’s existence. In my opinion, even though Christian truth can be supported by abundant external evidence and we Christians can experience the existence of God, Christian truth is only based on the internal evidence which is rooted in Scripture, the word of the triune God. In addition, the existence of God can only be proved by God himself.        

Keller Discussion Response IV

        In part IV, Tim Keller discusses the topic of the problem of suffering and evil, and he brings up two charges against Christianity. The first is that sometimes people think they are punished, but the cross is not punished; the second is that God does not care; however, the cross shows us that God does care. Nevertheless, the suffering of Jesus proves God loves us, which is very functional. As for me, the problem of suffering and evil is quite difficult for me to handle, but when I turn to the Bible, it reminds me that the Lord Jesus also experienced suffering in his life on the earth, and when I look forward to my future glory, suffering is not a problem to me.


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