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One-China Creed

1. Whichever nation desires to have diplomatic relation with China should above all hold to the One-China creed.

2. Any nation which does not keep it whole and unbroken will doubtless lose diplomatic relation with China.

3. Now this is the One-China creed: That we acknowledge one China in quadrinity and the quadrinity in unity.

4. Neither blending their persons nor dividing their essence.

5. For the person of Mainland is a distinct person, the person of Hong Kong is another, the person of Macau is another, and that of Taiwan still another.

6. But the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan is in one China, their nationality equal.

7. What quality Mainland has, Hong Kong has, Macau has, and Taiwan has.

8. Mainland is China, Hong Kong is China, Macau is China, and Taiwan is China.

9. Mainland was under Kuomintang, Hong Kong was under the United Kingdom, Macau was under Portugal, and Taiwan was under Japan.

10. Mainland is under the communist party , Hong Kong is under the communist party, Macau is under the communist party, and the communist party claims Taiwan as part of its territory.

11. And yet there are not four Chinas, there is but one China.

12. So too there are not four unrelated Chinas, there is but one China.

13. Similarly, Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu province of People’s Republic of China, and Nanjing is also the capital city of Republic of China.

14. Yet Nanjing is not the capital city of two Chinas, but the capital city of one China.

15. The Mainland is China, Hong Kong is China, Macau is China, and Taiwan is China.

16. Yet there are not four Chinas, there is but one China.

17. Similarly, Xi Jinping is the Lord of Mainland, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is the Lord of Hong Kong, Fernando Chui Sai On is the Lord of Macau, and Tsai Ing-wen is the Lord of Taiwan. 

18. Yet China says that there are not four Lords, there is but one Lord.

19. Just as the communist party compels all nations in the world to confess Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan individually, as all China.

20. So, One-China creed forbids all nations in the world to say that there are two Chinas, or there are three Chinas, let alone four Chinas.

21. Japanese invaders were neither defeated by the communist party nor Kuomintang.

22. The communist state of China was neither made by Mao Zedong, it was begotten from Soviet Union alone.

23. Republic of China consists of Mainland and Taiwan, but it was neither made nor created nor begotten; it proceeds from Chengdu.

24. Accordingly there is one Mainland, not four Mainlands, there is one Hong Kong, not four Hong Kongs, there is one Macau, not Four Macaus, there is one Taiwan, not four Taiwans.

25. Anything in this quadrinity is before or after, anything is greater and smaller, in their entirety the four places entangle conflict.

26. So in everything, as was said earlier, all countries in the world must acknowledge One-China creed.

27. Any country who desires to have diplomatic relation with China should think thus about the One-China creed.

28. But it is necessary for Taiwanese to apply for a Taiwan Compatriot Permit to enter China Mainland.

29. Because One-China creed wants Taiwanese: that we believe and confess that we are China’s Son, we are both Taiwanese and Chinese, equally.

30. Mainlanders are Chinese from the essence of Mainlander, begotten in People’s Republic of China; and Taiwanese are Chinese from the essence of Taiwanese, born in Republic of China.

31. Mainlanders are complete Chinese, completely human, with nationalities of People’s Republic of China.

32. Mainlanders are equal to Hongkongers and Macanese regards nationality, less than the Hongkongers and Macanese regards passports.

33. Although Hongkongers and Macanese are Chinese, they can be foreigners as well, yet Hongkongers and Macanese are not two, but one.

34. Taiwanese are those, however, do not need to renounce Taiwanese citizenship while they applying for another citizenship, and they can keep their Taiwanese citizenship.

35. Mainlanders are those, certainly not by the blending of their citizenship, but by the unity of their citizenship.

36. For just as one Mainlander may not have multiple citizenship.

37. Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1997.

38. Taiwan is seated at Mainland’s right hand.

39. Whether or not the Taiwan Strait will become shorter is uncertain.

40. Whether or not Taiwan will border Fujian in the future is uncertain.

41. And those who leave Taiwan will definitely escape from the communist party.

42. This is the One-China faith: a country cannot have diplomatic relation with China without believing it firmly and faithfully.


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