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How Many Passports May a Chinese Child Own?

This post is not written from an idealistic angle, but from a realistic angle. In other words, this situation should be possibly happened in the real world, rather than a fantastic imagination.

A PRC citizen immigrates to Canada and then becomes a naturalized Canadian citizen. Another PRC citizen immigrates to Australia and then becomes a naturalized Australian citizen. They get married and their child is born in the United States, which is very realistic. Therefore, the child is eligible to have these travel documents by birth:

1. U.S. passport: Jus soli

2. Canadian passport: Jus sanguinis

3. Australian passport: Jus sanguinis

4. New Zealand passport or New Zealand Permanent Residency: Jus sanguinis. It depends on whether or not the mother(or the father) is a NZ citizen, since an Australian PR is automatically given NZ PR only upon his or her arrival to NZ. If yes, then the child is eligible to have NZ passport immediately. If not, then the child would be granted NZ PR on arrival to NZ. Unlike many other countries that have minimum stay requirement, NZ PR is “permanent” forever, once you get it, you can leave and do not need to return to NZ to keep it.

If the child’s mother or father comes from Hong Kong or Taiwan, which is also realistic. Therefore, the child is eligible to have these travel documents by birth:

5. Taiwan passport or Hong Kong passport: Jus sanguinis
It is possible be both.

6. A Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong Residents, or Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents. A Hongkonger or a Taiwanese may reside in the Mainland indefinitely, as long as the bearer holds a valid permit.

Thus, the child may have as many as 5 passports and 1 permanent residency. If the child wants more passports by himself of herself, see below.

7. Getting married to a person whose country allows dual citizenship. For example: the United Kingdom, or some European Union countries.

8. Working in a country that allows dual citizenship and then becoming its citizen.

If the child becomes a super wealthy person in the future, he or she can buy as many passports as he want, but this is not the case to most people. Thus, realistically speaking, the child can own at least 7 passports and 1 permanent residency.


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