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The call:大陸版之殤

 Os Guinness 的這本 The call, Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose (中譯:台版《一生的聖召》,大陸版《一生的呼召》)被和諧的部分:

P58: … and its damage to faith has already proved far greater than the malice and destruction of all the Christ-hating persecutors in history, from Nero to Mao Tse Tung.

P68-69: This is true not because a few atheists(無神論者) trumpet that “God is dead”

P 135: Captalism, having defeated all challenges, such as socialism, now faces its greatest challenge — itself, because it devours the very virtues it needs to thrive.In short, the Singapore salvo is to the point. Following the collapse of communism from its own inner contradictions, the triumph of capitalism is unarguable on market grounds but far less assured on spiritual, moral and social grounds.
大陸版 P191資本主義在打敗所有的挑戰(例如社會主義)之後,面對最大的挑戰,就是它自己,因為它吞吃了使它成功所需的一切美德。總之,新加坡學者的抨擊正中要害。共產主義的內部矛盾將它自己瓦解了,資本主義在市場上的勝利是毋庸置疑的,但是在屬靈、道德及社會基礎上,資本主義卻遠遠不受肯定。

P 138: In our own day it is said that following the collapse of Soviet totalitarianism, our chief Western danger is 「market totalitarianism」

P 187: Their fallen imagination — aided by technology and a universal language — enticed them to reach beyond the limits of the human condition and seek to rival God. After all, Marx, Hitler, and Mao Tse Tung were dreamers too.
P :他們墮落的想像力(在技術和統一語言的協助下),誘使他們追求超越人類條件限制的成就,試圖與上帝對抗。別忘了,馬克思、希特勒、毛澤東都是夢想家。

Francis Schaeffer(薛華) 的 How Should We Then Live? 《前車可鑒》最初的中文版是港版,從香港引介到大陸的時候,被刪了好幾千字。


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