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【AP 101】護教學導論:Keller Discussion Response

課程:【AP 101】Introduction to Apologetics 護教學導論
教授:Dr. William Edgar
學期:2016 Fall

Keller Discussion Response I

        In part I, Tim Keller discusses some objections to the truth of Christianity, saying that the truth of Christianity is reasonable and existential. He says that Christian truth is reasonable because he thinks Christian argument and truth is overall strong, and that Christian truth is existential which because of this strong experience of God』s existence. In my opinion, even though Christian truth can be supported by abundant external evidence and we Christians can experience the existence of God, Christian truth is only based on the internal evidence which is rooted in Scripture, the word of the triune God. In addition, the existence of God can only be proved by God himself. 繼續閱讀 »


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【AP 101】護教學導論:Chang Lecture Response

課程:【AP 101】Introduction to Apologetics 護教學導論
教授:Dr. William Edgar
學期:2016 Fall

Chang Lecture Response I

         In the lecture, Joanny Chang focuses on the topic of Confucian ethics, and she discusses the development of Confucianism in ancient China chronologically. I will demonstrate that strictly speaking, Confucianism is not a religion, and then I will critique the worldview of Confucianists. To begin with, as for me, even though the system of Confucianism seems religious (and superficially speaking of Confucianism, it even has some notions in common with Christianity, such as the notion and the consciousness of heaven as believed by kings of the Zhou dynasty), 繼續閱讀 »


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【ST 101】神學導論:Digest 3

課程:【ST 101】Prolegomena 神學導論
教授:Dr. David Garner
學期:2016 Fall
成績:99% (A)

E. J. Young, Thy Word is Truth (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1957), Chapters 3, 5 (pp. 65–82, 113–138)
           In chapter 3, Young demonstrates that the Bible is also written by human authors. At the very beginning, Young refutes the false understanding of the doctrine of inspiration. Then, Young says that according to the Bible, the human authors are the instruments of God who speaks his word through the authors. Then, he states, human authors are both holy men and sinful men, and according to the New Testament, the authors are real men. However, Young points out that God also prepares the human authors in their daily lives so that they can complete the writing tasks, and that this is the providential work of God. 繼續閱讀 »


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【NT 101】新約導論 I:Assessment Paper

課程:【NT 101】Introduction to the New Testament I 新約導論 I
教授:Dr. Brandon Crowe
學期:2016 Fall
成績:99% (A)

Comparison and Contrast on Canon

        When it comes to the topic of canon, the perspective of the Kruger passage from 「Canon Revisited」1 is the opposite of that of the McDonald passage2 

        Kruger』s reasons are to support the thesis that the authority of the canon only depends on the canon itself. First, Kruger refutes the claim that the canon is determined by the community. As Kruger has mentioned, human involvement does not eliminate the possibility that God acts (internal evidence) in the development of the canon, and the development of the canon is not based on the human construction, but only based on the ultimate authority of 繼續閱讀 »


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【ST 101】神學導論:Digest 2

課程:【ST 101】Prolegomena 神學導論
教授:Dr. David Garner
學期:2016 Fall
成績:99% (A)

Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics (ed. by John Bolt; transl. by John Vriend; Grand Rapids: Baker, 2003), 1:353–85.
         In this passage, Bavinck refutes naturalism (rationalism) and Roman Catholic supernaturalism, which are two ways that wrongly interpret the meaning of the doctrine of revelation. In the first place, Bavinck uses the reformational view to prove Roman Catholic supernaturalism to be erroneous. In the second place, Bavinck points out the scriptural interpretation of revelation as a contrast to rationalistic naturalism.
         To begin with, Bavinck argues that Roman Catholic supernaturalism misinterprets the difference between the natural and the supernatural. Then Bavinck gives nuances to the two terms, saying that nature tends to be a more broad meaning that it encompasses the range of all the visible and invisible world, which draws a distinction between the natural and the supernatural. 繼續閱讀 »


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【CH 221】早期教會史:Online Lectures Summary

課程:【CH 221】Ancient Church 早期教會史
教授:Dr. Carl Trueman
學期:2016 Fall
成績:Pass/Fail 計算

         In the first lecture, Dr. Trueman focuses on the topic of the doctrine of inerrancy of the Bible. He points out three notions. The first notion is inscripturation. Inscripturation is the idea that God』s revelation can itself be expressed adequately in a verbal form, and Scripture itself points to the phenomenon that nothing is more fundamental to God』s identity than the fact that he speaks. There are three elements to this point: church government, or the structure of the church; the rule of faith; and Scripture, which is the standard and the foundation.Second, the notion of inspiration refers to Scripture as inspired and spoken by the Spirit. As Dr. Trueman stated, the Apostolic Fathers believed the dictation theory of inerrancy. They put the Scripture in relation to the existence of God. 繼續閱讀 »


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【ST 101】神學導論:Digest 1

課程:【ST 101】Prolegomena 神學導論
教授:Dr. David Garner
學期:2016 Fall
成績:97% (A)

Geerhardus Vos, Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1994), 3–26.
          In chapter one, Vos discusses what Biblical Theology is and how he does Biblical Theology. Vos defines Biblical Theology as 「the process of the self-revelation of God deposited in the Bible」 (Vos, 5). First, Vos discusses the relationship between the revelation-process and the redemptive process, saying that they co-exist, yet the revelation-process ceases earlier than the redemptive process. By distinguishing the 「objective and central」 (Vos, 6) aspect and the 「subjective and individual」 (Vos, 6) aspect of redemption, Vos thinks that now revelation is only in relation to the 「objective and central」 (Vos, 6) redemptive process because the revelation in Scripture has ceased, yet the revelation in Scripture also largely affects the 「subjective and individual」 (Vos, 6) redemption. Second, Vos connects act revelation and word revelation. 繼續閱讀 »


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傳說中的 WTS 希臘語免修考試體驗談

與其說是一場考試,還不如說是一次體驗,我喜歡各種好玩的體驗,總覺得有些事沒有經歷過,人生就不圓滿。於是,我在9月2號上午11點,就體驗了一次傳說中的希臘語免修考試,在考試的前一天晚上,我的失眠症又犯了,還沒有褪黑素,就失眠到 5 點左右才睡著,加上他官網上寫的是 9 點開始考,但給我發的郵件是 11 點,我不確定到底幾點,所以我 8 點多就去學校了,後來考試的時候都快腦死亡了。

今天是美國法定假日勞動節,但是敬業的柯柔叔叔(Brandon Crowe)還是給我發郵件說我的希臘語 2 的免修考試過了。說實話,等這個成績等的挺著急的,雖然9月2日考完到現在(9月5日),掐頭算尾一共才四天。但是讓我著急的是, 9月8號就開學了,我學費還沒交呢,為什麼沒交呢?因為我如果不把 NT 011(希臘文1)選上,強大的 WTS 的計算機選課系統就不讓我選新約導論 I(NT 101)這門課,所以學校讓我象徵性地把 NT 011 選上,等我希臘文免修考試過了之後再把這門課給我刪下去。多少門課就對應多少學分,多少學分就對應多少學費,所以說這個免修考試的成績不出來,我就交不了學費,所以我就著急。明天我就可以去交學費了。

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Rhythm & Harmony – Festivals & Sacrifices in Leviticus. Authored by Samuel Tang. Published by Veritas Foundation. Hong Kong. 318 pp. HKD 85.


The book consists of four parts. The first part is about the festivals; Tang addresses that God is the Lord of time, the festivals and Law are created for Israel in order that they can come to their savior (p13). There are three kinds of festival comprised in this part: Spring season, Fall Season and every seventh festival. Tang describes the origin, name, basic meaning, historical fact, and some theological meanings of: (Spring) Passover, Shabuoth; (Fall) The feast of Trumpet, Yom Kippur, Sukkot; (Every seventh) Sabbath, Sabbatical year, Jubilee. 繼續閱讀 »


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Exegetical Problem

P.Satterthwaite 和 G. McConville 從兩個方面來探討列王記的文學鑒別議題。首先是列王記的文體。列王記的大部分經文都是敘事文體,而且明顯是選擇性的敘事,用敘事類比的方法、有許多公式化的語言,這些公式語言的用語,值得猜想有多少來自列王記的資料來源,不過這些公式語言也是很有創意的。其次是關於來源、成書日期、作者、編輯這幾方面。值得探討的是,列王記並未確切明文提到這幾個方面,給出的信息非常少。這兩位作者足足用六頁的篇幅來探討各種資料來源、可能性。有列王記本身的資料來源,其他可能的資料來源,以及其他的傳統。只不過都不太具體。後來又提到,歷史鑒別學用來源鑒別、形式鑒別、編修鑒別等方法來嘗試更準確地解答這些疑難問題,大多都發現列王記有不一致的地方,並且舉了一些學者的觀點。 繼續閱讀 »